About The Project: 

After a decade of continual war in Iraq and Afghanistan the toll on soldiers bodies and minds can no longer be ignored.  Issues including post traumatic stress disorder, abuse, and suicide are devastating American families and communities.  This isn’t just a military issue.  This is our nation’s issue.

The homecoming project is not about politics or who you voted for.  It’s about creating awareness and compassion.  It’s a grassroots information campaign that you can be apart of.  The awareness that I create through photography and with this project will directly connect those who are in need with those who can help.  It will also aid in connecting potential donors to worthwhile organizations who support veterans.

For the greatest possible impact, I will exhibit enlarged photographic installations in public places like city parks, town halls, airports, and street corners.  The money that I raise will fund the continuation of this documentary project, as well as the cost of supplies, printing, travel, and image installation.

The homecoming project is about turning awareness into action and connecting those in need with those who can help.  To insure the success of the homecoming project, it needs your support.  Thank you for your attention, compassion and any help you can offer.

About The Photographer:

Erin Trieb is a photojournalist with the VII Mentor Program.  She began embedding as a photojournalist with the United States military in 2009. Her photographs of US soldiers from Afghanistan have been published by MSNBC.com, Denison Magazine, and Newsweek magazine. She continues to document the war by examining veterans’ issues including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicide.

Erin has been recognized internationally, receiving awards from World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International. She is currently based in Austin, Texas where she frequently works on assignment.


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