2 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Kaye Coker says:

    My name is Kaye Coker, Co-Director of Veteran’s Heart Georgia. We would be proud to be listed as a resource with your organization. We’ve been working since Veteran’s Day of ’07 to heal the effects of war in our veterans, their families and our communities. Please visit our website, for more information.
    Your photos are compelling and touch all who see them in a very deep place. We have much to do, and I hope that we can join forces in generating the healing that is vital to individuals, families and out nation.

    I can be reached at 770-338-7463 and would welcome a conversation with you.
    Thank you for your work.


  2. Mike says:

    I heard of your Peoject while listening to STAND UP! w/ Pete Dominick on POTUS Politics SiriusXM.
    Keep up the good cause/work!

    Quincy, IL

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